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Um, Who Exactly Are You Supposed To Be?

Oh, those wacky senators are at it again.

Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel picked a Halloween costume this year that most children in Omaha would be hard-pressed to recognize; the independent-minded Republican decided to dress up this year like his Senate colleague, Foreign Relations Chairman Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.).

Hagel unveiled his costume during a committee hearing Wednesday morning, marking Halloween with a good-natured jest for his chairman. But his efforts have me wondering, how exactly does one middle-aged white guy in a suit dress up like another middle-aged white guy in a suit?

Suit? Check. Collared shit? Check. Long-winded introduction to every remark? Check - after all, it's the senate.

But forgoing a mask, what's the next step?

Plenty of folks will dress up like Sen. Larry Craig this evening, I presume, walking with a "wide-stance" or maybe using a mug shot, some toilet paper on the heal or even a full bathroom stall to invoke the Idaho Republican and his recent legal travails.

Fans of Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), meanwhile, could go with an Incredible Hulk tie (and even that's a fairly lame idea). So I'm asking you, the reader, to post some of your own suggestions for how one white male senator can parody one of his caucasian colleagues. After all, time is winding down before sunset, so these guys might need some last-minute costume ideas before the witching hour arrives.