U. Oklahoma Freshman Wins Popular Vote For Mayor

This story was written by Cadie Thompson, Oklahoma Daily
John Tyler Hammons, University College freshman, received the most votes in the City of Muskogee mayoral election Tuesday.

The race for mayor is not over yet, though. Hammons still must beat his primary opponent, Hershel McBride, in a run-off election May 13.

"I'm about to faint. I'm about to collapse," Hammons said shortly after the election results were handed to him.

Hammons beat McBride in the election 42 percent to 34 percent, but needed to win 51 percent of the votes to become the next mayor without a runoff election.

Hammons said he is not discouraged by the tight race, but is elated and ready to soon become the next mayor of Muskogee.

"We beat him, and we're going to beat him," he said.

Hammons said winning the majority of the votes is a great honor and looks forward to the campaigning ahead.

Jordan Stevens, Hammons' campaign manager, said after he heard Hammons won the majority, he went right back to work, trying to figure out his next strategy.

He said he expected a runoff, but did not anticipate Hammons winning the majority of the votes.

Stevens said the next six weeks of campaigning are going to be intense, but he is ready for the challenge.

"We're going to work harder and harder and harder," he said. "We're going to try to find the people who supported us and make sure they are still on our side."

Stevens said Hammons' next campaign move will be to motivate younger voters.

"We're going to let people know young people do have a say," he said. "They do have a voice."
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