Tyler Giuliano, masked teenage intruder, unknowingly shot dead by his father in Connecticut

Tyler Giuliano, 15, was fatally shot by his adoptive father in New Fairfield, Conn.

New Fairfield High School Yearbook
Tyler Giuliano, 15
New Fairfield High School Yearbook

(CBS) NEW FAIRFIELD, Conn. - Tyler Giuliano, a 15-year-old western Connecticut high school student, was unknowingly shot dead by his father, CBS New York reports.

At 1 a.m. on Thursday, a woman believed someone was trying to break into her New Fairfield home so she called her brother, Jeffrey Giuliano, who lives next door.

Giuliano charged across the lawn with his gun and confronted the individual dressed in black and wearing a ski mask, CBS New York reported. When Giuliano noticed there was a weapon in the masked intruder's hand, he fired and the intruder fell to the ground.

It was only then that Giuliano realized it was his own son who he had just shot and killed.

According to police, Jeffrey Giuliano, a fifth grade science teacher, was distraught when police arrived at the scene. 

His son was pronounced dead at the scene. 

"I can't imagine what he felt when he took the mask off," New Fairfield resident Tin DiKit told CBS New York.

With the community reportedly in shock, an open house at New Fairfield High was cancelled after classmates received the news.

"When I first received the call, needless to say, I've been in office eight years and you don't hear about such things in New Fairfield,"said First Selectman John Hodge.