Tyler Deutsch, Wash. father, put six-week-old baby in freezer to stop crying, report says

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Police in Washington State say a 25-year-old father, identified as Tyler Deutsch, put his six-week-old baby in a freezer for about an hour

(CBS/AP) TACOMA, Wash. - Pierce County authorities say a 25-year-old father placed his six-week-old baby in a freezer for about an hour because she was crying.

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ABC affiliate KOMO reports that the man, identified as Tyler Deutsch, was arrested near the town of Roy on suspicion of attempted murder.

Pierce County Sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer says the baby girl was taken to a local hospital with a body temperature of 84 degrees - as opposed to the "normal" 98.6 - but she is expected to recover.

The girl's 22-year-old mother called police after she saw her boyfriend taking the baby out of the freezer.

Deutsch reportedly admitted to putting the baby in the freezer, but claimed he was only trying to help her.

According to KOMO, the six-week-old also had several broken bones, indicating possible abuse prior to the freezer incident.