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Tyler Clementi's father makes plea for tolerance after Ravi verdict

Joseph Clementi, left, comforts his wife Jane Clementi, after the couple opened up a symposium on use and misuse of social media at Rutgers University, Monday, Nov. 14, 2011. AP Photo/Julio Cortez

(CBS/AP) NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. - At a courthouse news conference Friday afternoon, Tyler Clementi's father, Joe, addressed himself to college students and other young people, saying: "You're going to meet a lot of people in your life. Some of these people you may not like. Just because you don't like them doesn't mean you have to work against them."

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Clementi's roommate at Rutgers, Dharun Ravi, was found guilty Friday on parts of all 15 counts against him for spying on Clementi in September 2010.

The most serious charges - bias intimidation based on sexual orientation, a hate crime - carry up to 10 years behind bars each. But legal experts said the most Ravi would probably get all together at sentencing May 21 would be 10 years.

Prosecutors were not allowed to argue directly that the spying led to Clementi's death and defense lawyers were barred from saying there were other reasons Ravi's roommate killed himself.

Rutgers University released a statement after the verdict saying, "This sad incident should make us all pause to recognize the importance of civility and mutual respect."

The Middlesex County prosecutor's office says it would pursue such a case again even if the victim hadn't died.

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