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Two Ways to Download Files to Dropbox on a PC That Doesn't Have Dropbox Installed

Cloud storage services like Dropbox have made it a snap to move large files around, but that convenience is generally predicated on having the client software installed on whatever PC you are working from. If you're at work, though, your PC might be locked down by IT in such a way that you can't install software like Dropbox.

That's okay, though -- I've recently run across a few ways to send files to Dropbox even if you do not have the ability to install the Dropbox client software on the PC you are using. Both are Web-based services that connect to Dropbox and let you specify a URL to a file on the Web.

  • URL Droplet is a simple service that is stupid-simple: Just paste in the URL to the file you want to download to Dropbox, and click the Save button. Of course, before you can start sending files to your Dropbox account, you'll need to give URL Droplet permission to access your Dropbox account.
  • SideCloudLoad is a similar, but more feature-laden service. Enter the URL to your Internet-based file just like you did with URL Droplet, but SideCloudLoad gives you the option of sending the file to Dropbox or your e-mail account as an attachment.
And don't forget that you can send files to Dropbox in other ways, as well. AirDropper lets you upload files from your computer to Dropbox, for example. And you can find other Dropbox-comaptible add-ons at Dropbox's own app store. [via Addictive Tips]

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