Two very different conversations with toddlers

(CBS News) Toddlers. They can be cute, funny, smart, frustrating, weird, endearing and everything in between. And this post is going to cover a nice range of those in the form of a double dose follow-up to two items recently highlighted here on The Feed. Up first, we have an actual conversation between a father and his two-year-old daughter... reenacted by grown men!

Hmmmm... for some reason I have a hunch there may have been more cookies involved after this conversation ended. (And I personally want a pair of those wings!) The latest episode of the cute and clever series highlighted here a few weeks ago was posted on YouTube by Convos With My 2-Year-Old and stars David Milchard along with creator Matthew Clarke and his (actual) daughter, Coco. Bravo to all involved for another great episode of a series I'm loving each and every time! 

Up next, a young girl by the name of Mia Grace blew us away with her astounding knowledge of comic books three weeks ago that far surpassed your comic book-loving blogger here. Now the four-year-old is back for round two in another display of the mind that would surely even impress Professor Charles Xavier (otherwise known as Professor X) in this video below submitted to us by DaddyDadBlog (aka Skip Montross). And thanks for letting us know about this latest, Skip!