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Two Unknown Groups Claim Responsibility For The Killing of Israeli Policemen

An unknown group called "The International Islamic Front for the Liberation of al Aqsa Mosque – Al Aqsa Army" released a statement claiming responsibility for the killing of two Israeli policemen in the West Bank last Sunday. "At 6:35 p.m. on Sunday, three mujahideen from the Malhama Brigades set up an ambush for a Zionist Patrol on road 90, in Wadi Arba, and killed two Zionist police officers" the statement said.

Meanwhile, another group called "Martyr Imad Mughnieh Group" also claimed responsibility for the attack today. They sent a short video to the Arab news channel Al Jazeera in which a masked operative was seen reading out the statement before a large poster of slain Hizbollah commander Imad Mughnieh.

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