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Two Journalists Kidnapped In Gaza

Just as we're learning more details about the 82-day long ordeal Christian Science Monitor reporter Jill Carroll lived through after being kidnapped in Iraq, news comes to remind us that the other war zone isn't exactly safe for journalists. The Israeli-Hezbollah cease fire may be holding for now, but according to the Associated Press, a Fox News correspondent and crew member covering the war were "taken against their will" in Gaza:
Palestinian gunmen ambushed a car carrying a Fox News crew in Gaza City on Monday and kidnapped two of the journalists inside, according to witnesses and Fox. "We can confirm that two of our people were taken against their will in Gaza," Fox News said in a statement.

A Fox employee in Gaza, who declined to give his name because he was not authorized to release information about the incident, said the two kidnapped people were reporter Steve Centanni, a U.S. citizen, and a cameraman from New Zealand.

The men, along with a bodyguard, were parked near the headquarters of the Palestinian security services when two trucks filled with gunmen pulled up and boxed them in, according to the employee. The gunmen took the two out of their sports utility vehicle, which was marked "TV," and drove away, he said.