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Two cases of the bizarre for your viewing pleasure

(CBS News) Let's switch gears for a moment to highlight some of the more unusual and bizarre items we come across during our day sifting through videos on the Internet for your amusement here at The Feed. Up first is a rather unorthodox manner of sorting beer cases above. 

The wild and wacky caught-on-tape video was posted by ThePrincessViral who writes:

Group of Romanian warehouse workers quickly sort through a massive collection of tall pallets filled with crates of empty beer bottles. Now that's efficiency!

And next in our journey of the weird is a case of when cooking goes wrong in the form of a Korean man demonstrating how to fry rice cakes in a boiling pot of oil from YouTube user greengiant0. Spoiler: this is one of those cooking moments where "just add water" is not a good idea. 

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