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Turn Your Windows Mobile Phone Into a Business Card Scanner

Ah, business cards. Those quaint bits of paper some people still use to identify themselves. They're not only a waste of trees, but also a major pain to transcribe into your phone and/or contact manager.

Sure, business-card scanners have been around forever, but they're pricey and inconveniently tethered to your PC.

Fortunately, there's now an easy, inexpensive, and mobile way to convert business cards into contact data: DYMO CardScan Mobile. The catch: It's currently a Windows Mobile solution only.

Here's a description of the app, which costs $14.95 -- significantly less than a CardScan scanner:

To use DYMO CardScan Mobile, after a user has taken a picture of any business card with a Windowssmartphone camera, CardScan Mobile automatically inserts all information from the card into the proper fields in the phone's contact list. The application works with Windows Mobile OS 6+ smartphones with a 2-megapixel or higher camera with autofocus. A CardScan business card scanner and software are not required to operate the application.
Unfortunately, we're fresh out of WinMo phones around these parts, so we can't put CardScan Mobile to the test. If you're able to try the app (which is currently available via Windows Marketplace for Mobile, right on your phone), hit the comments and let us know how it works.

In the meantime, more cool business-card stuff: