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"Turbolenza Parkour" exhibits amazing feats of athleticism and skill

(CBS) - Sigh, it's Monday. And if you're like me, you probably need something to get you revved up so you can take on another work week (or at least get you up and off the couch). Luckily, I've got just the thing - check out this amazing video of four athletes performing mind-blowing feats of parkour with style and grace.

The video entitled "Turbolenza Parkour - Following The Flow " was shot in Cambridge, England, and posted by YouTube user "Turbolenzaeu" who writes about the project:

Four top athletes and one very talented director: Kie Willis, Austin Phillips, Luke Hurrell, Alex Potts filmed in Cambridge by Scott Bass. Parkour and its young generation following the flow!

Who needs coffee when you've got a video like this to give you a nice afternoon jolt of energy?

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