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Trump victory spurs protests nationwide

People upset at Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election took to the streets nationwide early Wednesday morning in protest. Most of the protests were small and peaceful, but at violent demonstrations in Oakland at least one person was seriously injured.

The protests largely took place in California, a state where Hillary Clinton enjoyed a wide margin of victory. The other mostly smaller protests were largely confined to the coasts, also in Clinton electoral strongholds. 

Hundreds of students gathered on California campuses following the announcement of the Republican’s win.

Police says at least 500 people swarmed on streets in and around UCLA early Wednesday morning, some shouting anti-Trump expletives.

There were no immediate arrests.

Smaller demonstrators were held at University of California campuses and neighborhoods in Berkeley, Irvine and Davis and at San Jose State.

In Oakland, more than 100 protesters took to downtown streets. Protesters burned Trump in effigy, smashed windows of the Oakland Tribune newsroom and set tires and trash on fire.

The California Highway Patrol says a woman was struck by a car during the protest and severely injured. 

Oakland police said protesters blocked traffic on Highway 24, and were throwing objects at passing vehicles, reports CBS San Francisco.

In Seattle, about 100 protesters gathered largely peacefully on Capitol Hill in the early morning hours, reports CBS Seattle affiliate KIRO.

In New York, Lady Gaga and some of her supporters supposedly staged an impromptu early morning protest in front of Trump Tower.

There were also reports of small protests in PortlandPittsburgh, and Washington, D.C.

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