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Trump: Intern responsible for Iowa voters retweet

Judging from his Twitter feed, Donald Trump isn't too happy with Iowa Republicans after they picked neurosurgeon Ben Carson as their top choice for president in a recent poll.

After the results of a new Quinnipiac poll were released - showing Carson in the lead, with 28 percent, compared to 20 percent for Trump among likely Iowa Republican Caucus participants - Trump retweeted someone who seemed to be suggesting that Ben Carson's rise could be attributed to brain damage caused by genetically modified corn:

This was the first poll since before Trump entered the presidential race which did not show him to be in the lead in Iowa. Carson has tied him in other polls, but never beaten him.

In its last survey, Sept.11, the Quinnipiac poll found Trump leading the Republican field with 27 percent to Carson's 21 percent.

A few hours later, the tweet disappeared and was replaced by this missive from Trump:

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