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Trump meets on drug pricing as shutdown drags on

President Trump is holding a meeting on fair and transparent pricing in the American health care system. Meanwhile, the government shutdown is on day 33, with no end in sight. 

The president said the health care system "too often harms people with surprises," and the administration will continue to work to lower health care costs. 

Mr. Trump said before that a conversation he had with drug company leaders in which they agreed not to raise the prices of drugs was the first time he realized the power of the presidency. But earlier this month, the president said drug companies failed to deliver on that agreement and raised prices anyway. 

"Drug makers and companies are not living up to their commitments on pricing. Not being fair to the consumer, or to our Country!" Mr. Trump tweeted earlier this month. 

Only a few days later, however, the president tweeted that drug prices declined last year. 

"Drug prices declined in 2018, the first time in nearly half a century," the president tweeted on Jan. 11. "During the first 19 months of my Administration, Americans saved $26 Billion on prescription drugs. Our policies to get cheaper generic drugs to market are working! "