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Trump in 2008: Hillary Clinton would make a "great" president

Donald Trump continues his attacks on Hillary and Bill Clinton, saying the former president's past is "fair game"
Donald Trump continues slamming Hillary and Bill Clinton 05:48

Donald Trump wrote in a blog post during the 2008 presidential campaign that Hillary Clinton would make a "great" president or vice president.

Buzzfeed unearthed an archived webpage of the blog post posted on from March 2008 when he said the Democratic presidential nomination was still far from decided.

"Hillary Clinton said she'd consider naming Barack Obama as her vice-president when she gets the nomination, but she's nowhere near a shoo-in. For his part, Obama said he's just focused on winning the nomination, although at least one member of his team said Clinton would make a good vice-president. (I know Hillary and I think she'd make a great president or vice-president.)," Trump wrote.

Buzzfeed had previously found another blog post Trump wrote in December of 2008, following President Obama's victory, in which he praised Clinton again.

"Hillary is smart, tough and a very nice person, so is her husband. Bill Clinton was a great president. They are fine people. Hillary was roughed up by the media, and it was a tough campaign for her, but she's a great trooper. Her history is far from being over," he said.

His comments from eight years ago are a far cry from his most recent remarks in which he has attacked President Clinton and said that Hillary Clinton was "schl****d" by President Obama in 2008.

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