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Trump: I have "very big" news on Obama

Reality TV host and real estate mogul Donald Trump is once again attempting to insert himself into the presidential election announcing on Fox News Monday that he has a "big announcement" pertaining to President Obama that could "possibly" impact the election.

In traditional Trump style, he used the term "very big" or some variation no fewer than five times in the minute-long segment.

"I have something very, very big concerning the president of the United States," Trump said. "It's very big, bigger than anybody would know."

Anchor Steve Doocy excitingly begged for a hint, but Trump refused to placate, saying he would release the news Wednesday. Trump added, "I know you will cover it in a very big fashion."

Since contemplating a presidential run as a Republican in the early stages of the campaign last year, Trump has floated in and out of the presidential race. Early in 2011, he repeatedly demanded for Mr. Obama to release his birth certificate. Earlier this year, Trump created a spectacle, complete with a press conference, at his eponymous hotel in Las Vegas around his endorsement of Mitt Romney. At the Republican National Convention, he bragged he would have a "big surprise" that would be unveiled during the event. Hurricane Isaac caused planners to shorten the event by one day and Trump's "surprise" to be cancelled.

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