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Trump files for extension on his 2017 tax return

Trump off script
Trump goes off script at tax event in West Virginia 07:37

President Trump has filed an extension for his 2017 taxes, the White House said on Tuesday, citing the complicated nature of Mr. Trump's return situation. Tuesday is the deadline for filing 2017 tax returns.

"The president filed an extension for his 2017 tax return, as do many Americans with complex returns," White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement. "He will file his tax return by the extension deadline of Oct. 15, 2018."

Mr. Trump's tax situation is complicated in part by his vast business empire — he declined to divest himself from those businesses, while his sons run them. The president has opted not to release his tax returns, breaking with the tradition of recent presidents and presidential candidates. The White House has said the president will not release his returns while they are under audit. 

The extension filing comes as Mr. Trump and Republicans have claimed that, thanks to the GOP-led tax overhaul, Americans next year will have an incredibly simple filing system. Outgoing Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and others expressed their hope that Americans would be able to file their returns on paper the size of a postcard. 

Mr. Trump tweeted about taxes multiple times Tuesday. Months after the GOP passed their tax overhaul, the president has continued to travel to tout the new plan and its benefits for the middle class, ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. On Monday, he promoted his tax plan in a small business roundtable

When two pages of Mr. Trump's 2005 returns were leaked last year, they revealed that Mr. Trump reported more than $150 million in income, and paid $38 million in federal income taxes. The White House confirmed those details. That's an effective tax rate of 25.3 percent.

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