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Translation Needed For Western Muj , Says Blogger

A member of al Faloja militant Islamist Internet forum going by the name Sabran Ya Nafsi posted a message on today requesting from the jihadi media outlets of As Sahab, al Furqan, and al Tibyan to translate their materials into English and other languages in order to reach militant Islamist groups' supporters in the west.

"I have returned a few months ago from a trip to an 'infidel' European country where I met with brave believer youths. They praised the brothers in al Tibyan, and those in charge of al Firdaws English forum," the blogger said, "They said that if it wasn't for those two, none of the jihadi materials would've reached them."

The member recounts that one of the men he met during his trip asked him to convey an urgent request to the jihadi media organizations, that is to translate into English, some of the most important jihadi literature, such as the "Call for the Islamic Global Resistance" by Mostafa Set Mariam who is known as Abu Mus'ab al-Suri. "We heard a lot about this book, but couldn't found a translated copy," the man said.

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