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Transgender woman killed, found shot, dragged, say Ark. police

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(CBS/WREG) FORREST CITY, Ark. - Police are searching for clues in the death of a transgender woman whose body appeared to have been shot and dragged under a car Tuesday.

The body of Marcal Camero Tye, 25, of Forrest City, was found by police a little after 5am Tuesday on Highway 334 in east-central Arkansas, reported CBS affiliate WREG.

Sheriff Bobby May told the station, "We're going to be, of course, waiting for the lab results, the pathology reports, but it appeared to be that he did have a head wound and also that he had been drug [sic] by a car."

Witnesses on the scene reported hearing two gunshots in the area.

Tye was found dressed in women's clothing. It later became known that the victim was a transgender female, born a male but living as a woman.

"The victim was well known in this area as a 'cross dresser,'" May said to the station.

Jennifer Bohannon, a friend of the victim, says Tye didn't hide the fact she was transgender.

Bohannon had also seen Tye hours before the murder at her cousin's house and said when Tye left she indicated she was on her way home, reported the station.

Investigators made plaster impressions of tire tracks at the shooting scene, which could help them find a getaway car and make an arrest.

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