Train surfing in India video shows youths performing dangerous stunt

(CBS) - A video showing youths engaged in "train surfing" in India has surfaced and captured a lot of buzz online today. In case it's not completely obvious after watching the above video, emulating this stunt in any way is a very quick way to purchase a one-way ticket to the hospital or the morgue.

The video was posted a few days ago, but has quickly garnered the attention of not just bloggers like myself, but also the international press and even officials within the Indian government.

A helpful commenter points out that this video was likely shot in or around the city of Mumbai. According to the NY Daily News, India rail officials have condemned the actions of the youths and reinforced the level of danger (and insanity) stunts like this pose.

We here at The Feed definitely agree with India rail officials and have dubbed this video an epic FAIL.