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Tracy Ocasio Missing: Fla. Woman's Parents Give Potential Evidence to Police

Tracy Ocasio Missing: Fla. Woman's Parents Give Potential Evidence to Police
Tracy Ocasio (Personal Photo)

ORLANDO, Fla. (CBS/WKMG) The family of Tracy Ocasio, the Florida woman who was last seen more than a year ago, has handed over a letter to detectives that may bring new developments in the case, says a report.

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Ocasio, 27, was last seen leaving the Florida Tap Room Restaurant and Bar in Orlando with James Hataway on May 2009. Hataway has been named as a suspect in Ocasio's disappearance, but has not been charged.

Tracy's mother, Liz Ocasio, said her family received a letter from a man who claims to have information regarding three slayings which involve the mother of Hataway's daughter, reports The Orlando Sentinel.

On Saturday, dozens of volunteers plowed through woods looking for clues surrounding Ocasio's disappearance after officers received a tip from a person arrested in a recent drug bust, according to CBS affiliate WKMG. According to police, one of the people arrested said if Hataway were to hide bodies, it would be in a wooded area.

Ocasio's parents were on the sidelines of the search hoping for the best, but they were not alone.

The parents of 29-year-old Chris George, who vanished 15 months earlier than Tracy Ocasio and who was also last seen with Hataway, were also present.

"These two cases are connected and advances in one leads to advances in the other," said Chris' mother, Rachel George.

Hataway is being held at the Seminole County jail on attempted murder charges for allegedly attacking another woman. He has not been charged with either disappearance.

Anyone with information to either case is urged to call the Ocoee Police Department at 407-905-3160 or 407-905-3161 or CrimeLine at 800-423-TIPS.

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