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Toy Story

Since they're natural experts on the toy biz, from the fuzzy to the fast, a group of pint-sized pros play-tested new toys for Family Fun magazine's Toy-of-the-Year awards.

Over the last several years this contest has forecasted big winners on the holiday hit list like Tickle Me Elmo, Sleep n' Snore Ernie and Bounce Around Tigger. Now they're at it again at New YorkÂ's FAO Schwarz, reports Correspondent Marcella Palmer of CBS station WCBS-TV.

Young Eliza and Max can't get enough of an old favorite with a new twist -- the Play-Doh Seaside Playworld.

Â"It's fun to play with and you can make anything you want,Â" says Eliza.

John felt a need for speed with a radio-controlled car. Â"It does really cool tricks and this thing moves a lot and I like that,Â" he says, Â"cause it flips over.Â"

Arts and crafts are a big hit. Like yummy chocolate bugs your kids can paint and then eat.

Hydro Battle and Harry Hairball got lots of play. Even Magnet Mania pulled in attention.

These toys are just some of the 66 finalists in this nationwide play-test. Almost 400 toys were screened out of the contest early on.

Family Fun's Bob Donine says, Â"In phase two, the toys go out to Kinder-care Learning Centers all over the country. And they play-test there for three weeks.Â"

But the playing around isn't over yet. The little judges still have another week and a half of playing to do.

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