Top Rock On The Book List

the rock
The wrestler known as The Rock has a bestseller on his hands. The Rock Says is listed by Publishers Weekly at No. 1 among nonfiction/general books.

The Rock is credited as the author, with Joe Layden. And it should come as no surprise to his fans that the wrestler shared the writing credit; they've come to expect the straight story from The Rock. But when it comes to some books, what you see isn't what you get.

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It's no surprise that celebrities get help to write their tell-alls. But a far lesser known practice is the use of a ghostwriter to create fiction. A well-known name is placed on the cover, while the actual writer becomes a true ghost, and disappears into thin air.

On CBS News Sunday Morning this weekend, Correspondent Erin Moriarty interviews two ghostwriters and reports on the practice that some people call "the dirty little secret" of the publishing industry.

Click below for a couple of examples of literary "ghosts" that Sunday Morning busted.

Who's A Ghost?

A few facts about a couple of ghostwriters

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