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Top Chef 6: Going Exotic

An exotic night as another chef is told to pack their knives-Top Chef Masters reached back to season three of Top Chef to the exotic protein surf and turf competition for elimination.

Its great theatre to see the chefs work with ingredients that aren't just not on their usual menus; they are way out of their comfort zones. For these master chefs, the unusual proteins meant a return to their cooking roots.

On the menu for the surf part of the surf and turf was: Geoduck; Monkfish Liver ; Sea Cucumberand Jumbo Squid.

For the turf part of the menu: Goat Leg; Duck Tongue; Black Chickenand Kangaroo.

The chefs used some classic techniques to work with unfamiliar ingredients.

Chef Jonathan Waxman calls himself the "chicken and fries" guy so he is out of his elements on this challenge. His heaping plate of squid fritto misto, fried duck tongue and fided with duck tongue he calls, "A big mess."
Chef Rick Moonen-the seafood guy reaches back to his French culinary roots for a poached black chicken moose and roulade with monkfish live torchon and buttered leeks.

Chicago's Tony Matuano is feeling good about his dish heading to the judge's table. Crostino with calamari (Giant Squid) in zimino with braised goat sauce and goat cheese ravioli.

Chef Suser Lee did a French/Japanese fusion meal of poached monkfish liver, black chicken veloute. Each with its own sauce served side by side.

Chef Jody Adams picked the Geoduck to leverage her New England cooking style with the mollusks and offers a Sicilian spiced roast goat-served rare with geoduck and chickpea chowder. She has a homemade harissa on the side.

Chef Marcus Samuellson combined his surf and turf items-offering the judges a Geoduck and kangaroo sausage with couscous and a geoduck and kangaroo tartare.

Chef Susan Feniger offers sea cucumber two ways as a fried salsa and marinated-both served along side kangaroo with juniper sauce.

The judges were most impressed with the offerings from Feniger, Lee, Matuano and Moonen-with Lee pulling out the big win of the evening.

Waxman, Samuellson and Adams faced elimination with Adams being voted off, but not before delivering this week's Line of the Night: in defending her rare presentation of goat leg "It was supposed to be exotic," she offered to the judges.

The chef's got to have some fun in the Quick Fire Challenge at the top of the show, cooking for Simpson's creator Matt Groehning and some of the actors who provide the voices for iconic characters.

Moonen's Homer Simpson inspired Shrimp Sloppy "Doh" with Truffled Potato Chips was the Quick Fire winner.

Waxman drew Bart and offered Spaghetti Bambino with Grilled Tomato Ham and Cheese Sandwich.

Mantuano channeled Chief Wigham and offered Fired Bacon Honey Pizza Dough with Boozy Coffee.

Chef Lee, who had never seen The Simpsons pulled Marge and whipped up some Purple Potatoes and Pan Roaster Pork Chop with Glazed Grapes and Mustard Sauce.

Feniger cooked a meal for Moe the Bartender; Millet Rice Crispy Treat with Peanut Butter Chips and Mexican Hot Chocolate.

Samuelsson's creation for Apoo from the Quickie Mart was Tomato Soup with Rice, Chickpeas, Chutney, Melon and Nuts with classic Indian service.

Chef Adams went vegetarian for Lisa with Cracked Wheat Salad with Goats Milk Ricotta, BBQ Beets and Bake Kale Chips.