Top 20 College Twitterers to Follow

If you aren't on Twitter, you probably think that all Twitterers are twits, who spend their days sharing such dribble as what they ate for lunch and the books currently sitting on their nightstand.

I used to be as skeptical as you, but I changed my opinion of Twitter after I set up my own Twitter account as CollegeBlogs.

A tweet can only contain 140 characters, but it's amazing what I learn by periodically checking my tweets. That's especially true since tweets can contain links to elsewhere on the Internet.

I am currently following 84 people, who are mostly connected with the higher-ed world, and 256 people are following me. If you want to learn more about student loans, scholarships, financial aid, college admissions and much more, I'd suggest you discover the college experts on Twitter.

Here are 20 of my favorite college Twitterers:

  1. EducationSector. Higher-ed think tank that challenges conventional thinking.
  2. Chronicle. The Chronicle of Higher Education, the higher-ed industry's trade publication.
  3. LuminaFound. Lumina Foundation aims to improve access to education beyond high school.
  4. SuzanneShaffer. This parent/blogger, who has 5,716 followers, is a perpetual Twitter machine.
  5. USATODAYcollege. USA Today has its own section on college news.
  6. Unigo. This site has teamed up with the Wall Street Journal to present teens with lots of college info.
  7. CollegeChat. A publicist and social media expert who chats about colleges.
  8. USNewsEducation. The big college-rankings gorilla weighs in on college trends.
  9. UCNewsroom. Get the latest news about the University of California's financial struggles.
  10. NASFAA. Financial dispatches from the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators.
  11. Iheinsider. Updates from Inside Higher Ed, the higher-ed world's online trade publication.
  12. Mark_Yudof. president of the University of California system.
  13. Huffpostcollege. Huffington Post recently launched its own college coverage.
  14. IvyGate. Ivy League blog.
  15. DougledIHE. From the editor of Inside Higher Ed.
  16. NYTimesCollege. Tweets from The New York Times' college blog.
  17. NACAC. National Association for College Admission Counseling.
  18. JohnTLawlor. A higher-ed consultant.
  19. ACEducation. News from the American Council on Education.
  20. Hechinger. Hechinger Institute at Columbia University covers higher-ed issues.
Lynn O'Shaughnessy is the author of The College Solution and you can also find her at TheCollegeSolutionBlog. Follow me on Twitter!

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