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Top 10 spring sneakers fit for your life

You don't want your sneakers to just look great; you also want them to work for your life.

On "The Early Show" Thursday, Jessica Cassity, fitness editor of Prevention magazine, shared the top 10 spring shoe picks featured in their April issue: 

Best for Bunions: Asics Gel-Tech Walker, $100

These shoes from Asics have what they're calling a bunion window. The stretchy material on the forefront actually expands so that your foot really fits into the shoe. My mother has bunions and tried these. She loved them. She was able to walk twice as far as usual.

Best for Overweight Walkers: Reebok DMX, $70

These shoes have the most padding of any walking shoe right now. They have air pockets in the rubber bottom of the shoe reduce impact for more comfort and less chance of injury. The mesh upper lets air circulate so feet stay dry and cool. It's also going to take some of the strain off your joints. Super comfortable for anyone.

Best for Barefoot Effect: Ecco BIOM Walk, $175

Barefoot walking is a growing trend, but these minimally padded shoes protect your feet from the perils of the pavement while giving you much of the flexibility and foot-strengthening benefits of going au naturel -- such as protection against fallen arches. You'll walk more lightly (minimizing the shock caused by your steps), and the strength you may gain can help prevent conditions such as fallen arches. Note: you don't want to walk longer than 20 minutes in these in the beginning.

Best for All-Day Wear: Scarpa Caipirinha, $130

These casual sneakers are sturdier than they look, making them a comfy choice for activities, such as sightseeing, when you're on your feet for hours. The sole - made of slip-resistant Vibram rubber - is firm in the back and flexible in the front.

Best for Foot Aches: Merrell Ballet Flat, $95

Mini rubber nubs on the insoles massage your feet as you walk. If you tire of the effect, flip the insoles over - they're reversible and have a smooth bottom side. The tapered heels stay put - no slipping! Added bonus: They are light as a flip-flop and dressy enough to wear out to dinner!

Best for Fast Walking: New Balance 860, $90

You can wear these sneakers with nylons and stockings just as easily as you can wear them with socks, women tend to wear these into work a la the 1980s movie "Working Girl." This shoe has a super flexible toe that makes it easy to push off and quicken your pace. But no matter how fast you go, the ankle padding will keep your heel snugly in place. A mesh upper is lined to buffer cold and wind.

Best for Running Errands: Saucony Bullet, $60

These stylish sneakers are light-weight and have just enough arch support to keep your feet comfy when you're on the go. The full coverage makes them a good choice for spring and fall.

Best for Dressing Up: Hush Puppies Veracity, $80

These shoes have a hip look thanks to the asymmetrical strap, yet they provide the comfort of sneakers with cushioned insoles and arch support. The leather upper molds to your foot after a few wears for a snug - but not tight - fit.

Best for Hiking: Ahnu Rockridge II, $100

These lightweight hikers perform as well as bulkier high-top versions. The rugged sole grips as you go up and down hills, but is bendable enough that you can keep up a smooth, rolling stride on level terrain. And the reinforced toe area protects your feet from bumps against rocks and roots.

Best for Interval Training: Brooks Trance 10, $140

Walkers who want to add jogging bursts should opt for a running shoe. This one is designed for high impact, but is still flexible enough for the rolling motion of walking.

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