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Top 10 Funny "How To Do Marketing" Videos

Contrary to popular belief, high quality marketing is easy to do, if you know the secrets. These ten videos provide invaluable advice for marketers everywhere. As usual, I've included a poll on the final page of the post, so that you can vote for your favorite... or pan the entire post, if you prefer. Enjoy!

LESSON #1: Marketing is a Collaborative Activity


LESSON #2: Your Product Logo is IMPORTANT!

LESSON #3: Try to Think "Out of the Box"

LESSON #4: Use Social Media to Create More Buzz

LESSON #5: Use Creative Packaging to Build Brand Awareness

LESSON #6: Strive to Keep Abreast of Marketing Trends

LESSON #7: Value Your Precious Creative Process

LESSON #8: Never Overestimate Buyer Intelligence

LESSON #9: Cool Products Build Strong Brands

LESSON #10: Be Truthful with Customers and Colleagues

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