Tonya Harding to Nancy Kerrigan: You Have My "Deepest Sympathy"

US figure skaters Tonya Harding (L) and Nancy Kerrigan avoid each other during a training session Feb. 17, 1994, in Hamar, Norway, during the Winter Olympics. 


NEW YORK (CBS) As Nancy Kerrigan mourns her father's death and faces her brother's arrest, her former rival, Tonya Harding, offered her condolences to the Kerrigan family. 

PICTURES: Nancy Kerrigan Family Tragedy

"Tonya feels very sad for Nancy and her family and extends her deepest sympathy and condolences to them," Harding's rep told "The Insider". "Tonya's beloved dad, Al Harding, passed away this past April, so she understands the grief Nancy and her family are feeling at this difficult time."

PICTURES: Nancy Kerrigan Family Tragedy

Kerrigan's father, 70-year-old Daniel Kerrigan, was found unconscious on the kitchen floor of his Stoneham, Mass., home, around 1:30 Sunday morning. His son, Mark Kerrigan, has been charged with assault and battery charges. Police say he remains in police custody on $10,000 bail. He has pleaded not guilty.

Tonya Harding, a former American figure skating champion, has had her own problems with the law. In 1994, she was sentenced to three years probation, 500 hours of community service and a $160,000 fine for her connection to a vicious attack on Nancy Kerrigan during the U.S. Figure Skating Championships. Kerrigan was struck above the knee with a metal rod. Prosecutors said Harding's ex-husband plotted the attack and Harding knew about it.

The Kerrigan family released a statement asking for privacy saying, "The family's focus is on mourning Dan and honoring his life and many contributions." Daniel Kerrigan will be buried on Thursday.

PICTURES: Nancy Kerrigan Family Tragedy

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