Tom Peters: Don't Sweat the Recession

I've posted on some alarmist points of view regarding our economy. It only fits that I should post on Tom Peters' The Train Keeps on Rolling.
He notes that despite decades worth of pronouncements of doom on America's position in the world economy, including his own, the U.S. economy has actually maintained its share of global output since 1960, despite a dip around 1980.

Peters, number 18 on the Wall Street Journal's list of the top 20 management gurus does not get into reasons why (one might guess that our combination of entrepreneurialism, venture capital and government research funding all help). But he says not to sweat the tides of recession:

The world as "we" (Americans) know it ain't exactly coming to an end in the next few weeks--so, with good conscience, fill up the tank (ha!) and head to the beach, or at least the couch, for some old-fashioned summer relaxation and, uh, Kindle reading.