Today In Offensive Political Gaffes

The "ic" not heard 'round the world apparently had enough staying power in the news cycle for President Bush to address it at a gathering of House Democrats in Virginia this weekend.

He told the crowd: "The last time I looked at some of your faces, I was at the State of the Union, and I saw kind of a strange expression when I referred to something as the Democrat Party. Now, look, my diction isn't all that good. I have been accused of occasionally mangling the English language. And so I appreciate you inviting the head of the Republic Party."

Yuk, yuk. Bush continued his speech by referring correctly to the "Democratic Party" several times.

Demonstrating that American politicians are not the only ones to make oopsies in public, Time takes note of a recent statement by Japan's Health Minister Hakuo Yanagisawa.

During a speech on the country's declining population, he "referred to Japanese women of childbearing age as 'baby-making machines.' He went on to explain that arresting population decline was difficult 'because the number of baby-making machines and devices is fixed [in the population]; all we can do is ask them to do their best per head.'"

Political adversaries called for Yanagisawa's resignation, and he "apologized repeatedly," but has refused to resign.