Time Warner Cable customers experience Internet outage in Northeast

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Updated at 4:11 p.m. ET

Some customers of Internet provider Time Warner Cable in New York City and elsewhere in the Northeast experienced a data outage that lasted for hours Saturday but has been resolved, the company said.

The provider attributed the outage to "technical issues with one of our network backbone providers" in a message posted to its Twitter feed for the New York and New Jersey area.

Soon after tweeting about the outage's resolution, the company issued a statement saying that customers "experienced intermittent issues accessing several popular websites."

"We understand these issues impacted some other Internet providers in the area, too," the statement read. "Traffic has been re-routed, and our customers should be able to access their favorite websites again. We apologize for the disruption to their service."

The company initially posted a notice of the outage for New York City customers to its Twitter help account Saturday morning and then expanded the notice to "Northeast customers."

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