Time for another flash mob wedding proposal (with dancing and kids!)

(CBS News) It's wedding season, people, and you know what that means, right? Flash mob wedding proposals! Can you all feel the love in the air right now? If not, you will once you watch this uplifting video.  There's music!  Kids!  Dancing!  Oh, and there's a wedding proposal, too.

The adorable and romantic video, reminiscent of another great flash mob proposal video we showed you all last year, was posted by Vimeo user Chris Sithi who writes:

I've known Tina and Danny for years now and everyone's been waiting for this engagement for even longer. Danny did an amazing job pulling this one off and surpassed everyone's expectations on how he was going to propose! It was an honor to be asked to capture this amazing moment and I couldn't stop watching Tina's expression over and over again.

You two are so lucky to have each other and I've never seen anyone have a more well balanced relationship! :)

ps. he really lost the ring for a sec and that's Tina who's capturing the video from her iphone without knowing the dance was for her! After I saw Tina and Danny watch the video, it made me so happy to see them relive the moment. It reminded me why I love doing what I do :)

And the bar for wedding proposals keeps on getting raised with such phenomenal and creative proposals like this. I'm beginning to think I'm in trouble when that time comes for me... Congratulations go out to Tina and Danny on their engagement from all of us here at The Feed!