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Tiger Woods: Better or Worse for Sales?

I've run across several articles saying that Tiger Wood's corporate sponsorships might be at risk, due to his being tied in the media to numerous extramarital affairs, including one with a porn star. Frankly, I think that's total nonsense.

Tiger's ability to sell products is tied to his prowess as a golfer. I suspect that the demographics for his product endorsements will probably look upon his peccadilloes with more awe and envy rather than disdain.

Of course, there's no question he's been acting poorly, if these stories are true. And, personally, I think it's pretty rotten to put a marriage at risk when there are little kids involved.

Even so, I suspect that for the vast majority of male sports fans, what's important is whether he can keeping winning tournaments, not whether he's doing the rounds on the cocktail waitress circuit.

What do you think? Remember, I'm not asking your opinion of his morals, but the ability of his name and image to sell sport-oriented products.

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