Three very shocking near-disaster videos that will make your jaw drop

(CBS News) We've got a collection of caught-on-tape, near-disaster videos to show you that will probably make your jaw drop. So with that in mind, prepare to have your jaw drop three times in a row. First up: spectacular footage of an airplane's emergency landing.

The well-executed emergency landing was captured by Larry Hockensmith who writes about it:

Complacency has no place in soaring. I was trained better than to have lingered on the lee-side of a ridge over rough terrain. The dramatic outlanding was due to my actions exclusively.

While tight turns over roofs, brushing treetops and dodging street signs are not desired flight maneuvers, they do make for interesting viewing. An almost perfect (for a power pilot and plane but not a sailplane) landing until an unnoticed mailbox catches the right wing of the sailplane about 8 inches from the tip.

I mean... just wow, right? That is some truly amazing footage and we're so happy to see that everything came out okay in the end.  Apart from the aforementioned mailbox, of course.

Next up, we've got footage from a dash cam of a car crash at a gas station in Orenburg, Russia that will shock you.  Seriously, it just doesn't come any closer to this in terms of near-disaster footage.

That was just an exceptionally close call, right?  The man left standing there has to truly be the one of the luckiest people in the world. Period.  And amazingly, as Russia Today reports, no one was seriously injured in the car crash.  Thank goodness! 

And finally, we're going to end things on a slightly lighter note (at least in comparison to the previous two videos) with an inflatable slide on a Latvian beach that runs into a bit of a problem when strong winds come into the picture.  Yeah, you can probably guess what ends up happening.