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This week: 40 years of "Sunday Morning" (January 27)


A Look Back: A history of "Sunday Morning" 03:13

A LOOK BACK: A history of "Sunday Morning" (Video)
Jane Pauley looks back at the very beginning of "Sunday Morning" in 1979, and how over the last four decades the broadcast has stayed true to Charles Kuralt's vision – traveling the back roads, taking our audience places and showing them things they wouldn't see anywhere else on television, to make sure "gentler subjects" get their due.

A Look Back: The places visited by "Sunday Morning" 05:35

A LOOK BACK: The roads less traveled | Watch Video
For 40 years, "Sunday Morning" correspondents have meandered from exotic destinations and out-of-the-way places to our own backyards. Lee Cowan takes on a Sunday Drive through the past.

A Look Back: The musicians of "Sunday Morning" 04:11

A LOOK BACK: The musicians of "Sunday Morning" (Video)
We take a moment to re-visit some of the countless musical stars that "Sunday Morning" has profiled over the years.

"Abblasen," the theme of "Sunday Morning" 03:21

MUSIC: "Abblasen" (Video)
There's no mistaking our "Sunday Morning" theme music, no matter how many different ways it's been played over the years. Nancy Giles gives the story of how 18th century German composer Gottfried Reiche's Abblasen" became our theme, and talks with musician Wynton Marsalis, whose recording has been trumpeting the start of our show every week for almost 15 years.

A Look Back: "Sunday Morning" and the arts 05:28

A LOOK BACK: The artist's vision | Watch Video
For four decades "Sunday Morning" has been a sort of art gallery on TV. Martha Teichner checks out some of the artists whose work has graced our screens.

A Look Back: Stories with heart 05:27

A LOOK BACK: Stories with heart | Watch Video
Tracy Smith explores a "Sunday Morning" specialty: stories spotlighting people great and small at their best.

Meet the "Sun Queen" of "Sunday Morning" 03:21

ART: The "Sun Queen" | Watch Video
For 20 years associate director Jessica Frank has been handpicking every shining example of sun artwork to appear on our program – about 9,000 and counting. Serena Altschul talks to Frank about what goes into bringing sunshine into every broadcast.

A Look Back: That's entertainment 03:18

A LOOK BACK: That's entertainment (Video)
"Sunday Morning" looks back at some of the stars of stage and screen that have been on our program during the past four decades.

A Look Back: The newsmakers on "Sunday Morning" 05:58

A LOOK BACK: The bold-faced interviews | Watch Video
Over the years "Sunday Morning" has brought its viewers interviews with some of the most fascinating newsmakers. Rita Braver brings us a roll call.

Good neighbors 03:19

HARTMAN: Good neighbors (Video)
Steve Hartman tells us about an unusual ritual in one Utah community that has bound residents together, to come to the aid every evening of a neighbor with multiple sclerosis. (Originally broadcast September 14, 2018.)

A Look Back: The quirky side of life 05:00

A LOOK BACK: The quirky side of life (Video)
Mo Rocca digs into some of the quirky stories that have been a "Sunday Morning" tradition since Charles Kuralt first went "on the road."  

A poem by Ted Koppel 02:11

ODE: A poem by Ted Koppel | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" is treated to an ode by our Special Contributor.

"Mobituaries": Disappearing sitcom characters 00:32

MOBITUARIES: Disappearing sitcom characters (Video)
Mo Rocca previews the latest episode of his podcast "Mobituaries," which examines the history of TV characters who were "bumped" off their show.

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A Look Back: In memoriam 01:51

A LOOK BACK: In memoriam (Video)
Jane Pauley remembers some of the members of our "Sunday Morning" family whom we have lost over the past 40 years.

Capturing the "Sunday Morning" Moments of Nature 04:41

NATURE: Capturing the "Sunday Morning" Moments of Nature | Watch Video
Conor Knighton meets some of our team of videographers who bring the beauty and sounds of nature to our broadcast each week.

Nature: Caddo Lake, Texas 00:53

NATURE: Caddo Lake, Texas (Video)
"Sunday Morning" takes us to Caddo Lake in Texas. Videographer: Scot Miller.


The correspondents, host and executive producer of "Sunday Morning." Michele Crowe/CBS

LIVE EVENT: An Evening with CBS Sunday Morning - Live at Town Hall (Video)
In honor of its 40-year anniversary, CBS "Sunday Morning" host Jane Pauley and the show's team of correspondents recently held a special live event at New York's historic Town Hall, "An Evening with CBS Sunday Morning." Guests included Jon Bastiste, and the subjects of one of Steve Hartman's most heartwarming profiles.

The unique molecular qualities of a hydrogen-oxygen bond allow for water to exist in several different states.

NATURE UP CLOSE: Water, and life as we know it
The unique molecular qualities of a hydrogen-oxygen bond allow for water to exist in several different states.      

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