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A poem by Ted Koppel

We all know "Sunday Morning" anchor emeritus Charles Osgood as the Poet Laureate of CBS, but tonight Charlie has a little competition from our Ted Koppel:

It's been four decades now and what used to be norms
Aren't just different or changed – they're completely transformed.
The things we relied on? Outdated, passé.
Is the new world much better?
Well … that's hard to say.

For example, when driving, we once employed maps!
Asked directions to get there, before there were apps.
Just imagine the tension, the unrivaled stress,
The nervous exhaustion before GPS.

Our trips used to unfold with paper we could never quite fold up again the right away. CBS News

In those pre-Apple days, we stuck coins into phones,
Made our planes out of paper before there were drones.
Sent our film to be processed; and then … we would wait.
Now, our cameras are digital. Isn't that great?

You can upload and download (it's really quite quick)
In a flash it's transferred to a memory stick.
It's all so convenient.  Even at home
You can use a search engine to check your genome.

It's hard to remember, but we weren't always free
To watch movies at home on our own DVD.
We can pick our own music - orchestral or voice;
It's free and it's easy. MP3 gives us choice.

When so much has changed, there's a tendency to
Yearn for something familiar, something like an old shoe.
Something substantive, warm and reliable, yes!
It's still here: "Sunday Morning," on old CBS.

CBS News

Story produced by Jon Carras. 

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