This Morning from CBS News, Oct. 19, 2016

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump holds a campaign rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, U.S. October 17, 2016. 


Final faceoff

This is it: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will meet in Las Vegas tonight for their third and final debate. WIth fewer than three weeks until Election Day -- and early voting already underway in many key battleground states -- this is one of the candidates’ last big chances to sway voters. Here’s what to watch for as they take the stage.

Nevermind the numbers

Republican nominee Donald Trump -- down dramatically in the polls -- spent yesterday in the safest, most conservative parts of Colorado, avoiding swing counties where the state’s nine electoral votes will be decided. While he used to tout polling figures on the campaign trail, the brash businessman now says he has no faith in them at all.

Expat vote

There are an estimated six million Americans living abroad, and about 2.6 million are believed to be eligible to vote in presidential elections -- but not nearly that many have done so in the past. We meet some of those voters in London, and find out why this year in particular, their votes really could matter.

Hacker arrest

With Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign still being dogged by an avalanche hacked emails from one of her senior aides, and with U.S. officials pointing the finger at Russia for other election-related cybersecurity breaches, Czech police announced today the arrest of a suspected Russian hacker with the help of the FBI.

Mosul fight

Kurdish forces have recaptured about 20 villages to the east of the Mosul from ISIS extremists in the last two days, since the offensive to retake Iraq’s second city began. We’re at the tip of the spear with the Kurds as they look down the road toward their next objective; ancient Christian villages the militants chased residents out of as they swept across northern Iraq.

Cave diving deaths

The deaths of two experienced Florida divers are prompting new calls to close a well-known cave diving site. The “Eagle’s Nest” has been called the Mount Everest of the sport, and it draws divers from around the world. We speak to the father of one of the men killed in the weekend tragedy.

“Spawn spender”

Millennials have been dubbed by some a generation that can’t -- or won’t -- leave home, and they also don’t seem shy about asking mom or dad for money. Research shows many young adults borrow readily from their parents, but prefer to keep spending habits to themselves. So does it engender unhealthy financial dependency, or is it an inevitable result of a misfiring economy?

Do no harm

The Paris agreement has been hailed as “a big step forward” in addressing climate change, with 195 counties agreeing to commit to lowering greenhouse gas emissions. But the 2015 accord might not work as advertised, and according to a new research paper, it could even have the opposite effect.

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