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This Morning from CBS News, July 12, 2016


President Obama will pay tribute today to the five police officers killed in last week's ambush in Dallas. The president will attend and speak at a private memorial service, and former President George W. Bush will also deliver remarks.The service will take place as investigators piece together how the tragedy unfolded.

Out of step?

The Republican National Convention Platform Committee, meeting ahead of next week's convention, rejected a move to soften language on same-sex marriage and continued its opposition to transgender bathroom choice in the party platform. Their immobility on these issues exposes a large rift with most Americans, but how big is the gulf?

The 3rd rail

Social Security has been called the "third rail" of American politics, underscoring the federal retirement program's popularity with voters. With the Republican and Democratic presidential conventions approaching, AARP asked Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to outline their positions on Social Security. We look at where they stand.

Legal weed

The campaign to legalize recreational marijuana is officially underway in California. The state's medical marijuana industry is already worth an estimated $2.7 billion dollars. Experts say that number could more than double if recreational use is allowed. For both sides of the legalization debate, the stakes are high.

Prime Day

Amazon's "Prime Day" proved a hit with shoppers when the company launched the promotion in 2015. But this year, the e-commerce giant faces a tougher competitive challenge as retail behemoths including Walmart, Target and Best Buy get ready to try and steal some of Amazon's thunder.

Brexit bearing

Britain was knocked for a political loop by the surprise referendum vote to leave the EU. Now a new prime minister is to take the helm and try to restore calm. One of her biggest tasks will be plotting Britain's path out of the Union. But as someone who opposed it, how fast will she make it happen, and on whose terms?

Italian job

With the U.K.'s "Brexit" still rattling financial markets, some experts fear a new threat could further destabilize the European Union. We look at why Italy's fragile banking sector, along with growing public support for the country's populist Five Star movement, may create a new fault line in the U.S.

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