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This Morning from CBS News, August 18, 2016

Controversial hire

Steve Bannon, the new “CEO” of Donald Trump’s troubled presidential campaign, has had quite an eccentric career, from investment banker to Hollywood producer to heading the far-right wing Breitbart News.

Wide divergence

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have sharply different views on how to shore up Medicare and other retiree health coverage, a key issue given the millions of people around the U.S. who lack adequate nesteggs. We outline the candidates’ proposals.

Changing face

Women make up the fastest growing population of people in U.S. jails after a massive increase in incarceration in recent decades. That not only raises costs for taxpayers, but puts even more economic pressure on disadvantaged families and communities. What’s behind the trend in the American penal system?

Better safe...

Raging wildfires in California have taken a heavy toll on homes and property, resulting in potentially huge costs for homeowners. We offer some pointers on what to look for in ensuring that your house is properly insured against fire damage.

Standing out

Some job seekers do wacky things trying to get noticed by hiring managers -- and the results aren’t necessarily good. Here are some of them, ranging from donning a Halloween costume at the interview to having a priest contact the company on their behalf.

Moments in time

The Summer Olympics have been a blur of non-stop action, full of visual moments. Thousands of photos have been taken in Rio, inspiring the world through snapshots of competition, triumph and heartbreak. Meet Associated Press photographers who explain what it takes to medal in Olympic photography.

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Science and Tech

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