"This is the End" gets Blu-ray release date

Save the last Milky Way bar, "This is the End" is coming to Blu-ray.

The apocalyptic comedy from writing-directing team Jay Goldberg and Seth Rogen will be available on Blu-ray beginning Oct. 1, according to Entertainment Weekly.

"This Is The End" became a sleeper-hit when it was released in June, garnering praise from critics and audiences. The film, which is still playing in theaters, has so far taken in $111M at the global box office. It was shot mostly in New Orleans on a budget of just $32M.

The film is packed with celebrities playing themselves and is set amid the rapturous end-times, set during a party at James Franco's house.

The Blu-ray edition will include multiple extras, complete with voice commentary from Goldberg and Rogen, in addition to a featurette containing interviews with the star-studded cast who talk about what it was like playing fictionalized versions of themselves. The 2006 short film which inspired "This Is The End" will also be included in the Blu-ray release.

We caught up with Rogen at the comedy's New York premiere in June. Watch the video above to see the "Guilt Trip" star discuss his film, which has become one of the few breakout hits of this summer.

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