Thieves pocket-dial 911, provide road map to their own arrest in Madison, Wis.


(CBS/AP) MADISON, Wis. - It's right there on page one of the petty thieves instruction manual: Don't pocket-dial 911.

Still, it happened again, this time in Madison, Wis., where police say two men in their late 20s stole DVDs and computer games from a Target store Tuesday, then discussed their plans to sell the goods while driving away - and yes, one of them had inadvertently called 911.

A dispatcher listened in for nearly an hour as the duo, since identified as Jason Hamielec and Brian Johnnson according to CBS affiliate WISC, discussed what they had stolen and where they might sell it. Police say they even described their vehicle.

A Madison police spokesman says the pair eventually decided to pawn the goods at a video store. When they pulled into the store's parking lot, officers surrounded their vehicle with guns drawn.

Thanks for sharing, pocket-dialers!