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There's a "Monopoly" Broadway musical in the works

Monopoly matches can get pretty dramatic -- but probably not like this.

The famed board game is heading to Broadway, as Hasbro -- the game's manufacturer -- has entered into a new partnership with Broadway producing and merchandising company Araca Group to translate several of its game properties into live entertainment.

The first on that list is the real estate board game known for causing family arguments. Details on what the show might look like are sketchy at this point, though, as no members of the creative team have been named yet.

"I can tell you this: It's not going to be a musical about people sitting around playing Monopoly," Matthew Rego of the Araca Group told Variety. "What turns us on is creating something that explores the world of Monopoly, kind of like the Lego movies have done with Legos."

"We're expanding our franchises and building immersive experiences. To bring our properties to life onstage is just the next level of immersion," said Simon Waters, Hasbro's general manager and SVP of entertainment and consumer products.

No premiere date -- or any sort of timeline -- was mentioned for the production, though it is expected to take at least three years to come to fruition.

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