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The Worst Intersections In The United States Are In New York, Chicago And LA

By Michael Barone, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

What are America's 100 worst intersections? Tyler Cowen at points me here. Almost all of them--87 out of 100--are in the extended New York, Chicago and Los Angeles metropolitan areas. Exceptions: San Francisco CA (nos. 2, 46, 49, 58, 64), New Haven CT (nos. 22, 51), Honolulu HI (no. 55), Austin TX (nos. 71, 74, 87, 92), Dallas TX (no. 93). After consulting my road atlas and my memory I find, with grim satisfaction, that I have driven through, around, under or over every single one of these 100 intersections. I note with special pleasure no. 100, which is the I-405 exit onto La Tijera Boulevard, a great exit for getting your rental car back to the lot in time for your plane out of LAX. I remember one time leaving the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood, on Sunset Boulevard just east of La Cienaga, and barreling down La Cienaga, then to 405 and La Tijera, and getting to the rental car lot in just 23 minutes, in time to make my morning flight out of LAX. How many weeks (months?) of my life did I give up in that adrenalin rush to get to the airport in time?

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By Michael Barone

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