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On Monday in the Monica Lewinsky case, prosecutors received a copy of President Clinton's sworn deposition in which he says they never had a sexual relationship. Meanwhile, CBS News has confirmed that Lewinsky told a friend she lied in her sworn statement in return for help finding a job.

Lewinsky told the story to her friend Linda Tripp in a conversation recorded by the FBI. A source familiar with their meeting says Lewinsky expected help finding a job in return for lying in a sworn affidavit. In the affidavit given in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case, Lewinsky said there had been no sexual relationship with Mr. Clinton. At the time of the affidavit, Vernon Jordan, a close friend of the president, arranged a job for Lewinsky at Revlon in New York.

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Publicly the White House ignores the Lewinsky controversy, but behind the scenes the White House staff and lawyers meet twice a day to refine and guide their damage control strategy.

Written by Scott Pelley, CBS News Chief White House Correspondent.
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