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The Way To A Woman's Heart: Federal Aid

Say it with flowers? Not these days.

Look at how Vice President Joe Biden got a cheer and a hug from Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm. He gave her $2-billion in Recovery Zone Bonds.

"Give me a hug, man!" shouted the gleeful governor as she ran over to embrace the vice president.

"This is so excellent," she exulted with a hoot and a holler."Whoooo!"

With her state suffering more than most from the effects of the global recession, Granholm is looking for all the aid she can get.

Biden, Granholm and other officials were in Kalamazoo for a ceremony marking the groundbreaking of a $43-.9-milllion project to widen an interchange on I-94. It's funded by the $787-billion economic stimulus program signed into law by President Obama on February 17th. It's designed to put people back to work in the hard hit construction industry. It's also the 2000th transportation construction project funded under the Recovery Act.

"This about rebuilding an economy that can lead us into the 21st century," said Biden, appearing to overlook that we're already a decade into the 21st century.

To underscore his point, he announced that Michigan - the state with the highest unemployment rate in the nation, 12.9 percent - would receive nearly $2-billion in Recovery Zone Bonds. States and localities can sell the bonds and the federal government will pay 45 percent of the interest to bondholders.

Biden said the bonds, will attract new jobs and provide new investment.

They will also sweep a governor off her feet.

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