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"The Voice's" Cody Belew says he felt like he needed to have "pasties on" to beat Domo

"The Voice" contestant Cody Belew, knew he hand to bring his A game and a little something extra for his head-to-head battle with Bronx-born hip-hop dancer Domo to keep his spot on Team Cee Lo.

"I felt like I needed to have fireworks and pasties on," Cody Belew told reporters on a conference call Wednesday, in response to going up against the sultry Domo. "I really went into the battle, just wanting to give a really good solid performance."

The country born-and-raised contestant sang Lady Gaga's "Telephone" with Domo in the first battle round of the show.

"It was a big challenge for me because I know that Cee Lo has quite the affinity for attractive women as he should," explained Belew. "That song was definitely more geared towards her being the winner and so I felt like the cards were a little stacked against me."

In the end Cee Lo said he went with his "personal preference," which was Belew.

"After winning, which he said came more down to personal preference rather than a clear winner, which was kind of our intention. We didn't want to go into it going for each other's throat; we wanted it to be more of a collaboration," said Belew, who was sad to see Domo go.

"I hated it for her," he explained. "In a perfect world, we both would've advanced or she would've been stolen. "

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