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The Sounds Of 2007

/ The Sounds Of 2007

From Virginia Tech to baseball's steroid's scandal, CBS News Radio Looks back at the major stories from 2007.

CBS News' Peter Maer reports on the politicians who want to become your next commander-in-chief.

Celebrities are known to get better tables at restaurants. But do they get better deals in court? CBS News' Harley Carnes reports.

Athletes used to be American idols. This year too many became fallen idols. CBS News' Dave Barrett reports on the scandals that filled up this year's sports pages.

CBS News' Cami McCormick did dangerous Baghdad duty -- and it's to her we turn for a summary of the year in Iraq.

Reporter Bill Bregoli visits the box office to see what's big at the movies this year.

Download this. CBS News' Jim Taylor on the hottest tech trends.

CBS News' Bill Whitney remembers some of those we said goodbye to in 2007.

CBS News' Barry Bagnato updates your prescription for a longer life.

Houston, NASA had a problem in 2007. CBS News' Peter King reports it involved an astronauts' love triangle.

Abortion and the environment were among the controversial issues tackled by the Supreme Court this year. CBS News' Barry Bagnato reports on those and other decisions that may affect you.

CBS News' Vicki Barker reports on foreign news -- other than Iraq -- that shook up the world this year.

CBS News' Steve Futterman watched firsthand at the desperate attempt to save 6 miners in Utah.

CBS News' Steve Futterman was on the front lines as firefighters battled the blazes.

How could it have happened? CBS News' Frank Settipani recaps that bloody day this past spring.

Terror in the shopping aisle. CBS News' Nick Young surveys the problems as well as Washington's response.

CBS News' Nick Young warns you to be careful about what you eat.

CBS News' Dan Raviv reports on the top story of the year: the 2007 economy, and what it meant to your wallet.
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