Drew Carey on why "The Price is Right" still resonates after nearly 50 years

Drew Carey on appeal of "The Price is Right"
Drew Carey on appeal of "The Price is Right" 05:18

"The Price is Right" still has contestants jumping for joy. "The energy there is unbelievable," host and comedian Drew Carey said Monday on "CBS This Morning."

The classic game show has been entertaining daytime audiences on CBS for nearly 50 years. Contestants compete by guessing the price of merchandise. Since its debut, the show has given away more than $250 million in cash and prizes, and more than 8,000 cars.

Carey said he thinks the show still resonates for audiences because "it's regular people having a day."

"When you're home watching, you want to see people that you can relate to that are like, 'Oh, that's a person like me or like somebody I know.' And look at them having this great day. Look at them getting the thing they want. And you can relate to them," Cary said, adding, "The people on the show are the real stars of the show."

In fact, Carey used to be introduced on the show as "here's the star of the show," but he asked them to change it to "here's the host" for the very reason.

"Only reason people watch the show is, they don't watch it for me. The main reason, they want to watch people going bonkers and having like the best day of their life. And they're always these regular, average Americans from all walks of life. And you can just like – really, they're so relatable, that's the real key to the show right there," Carey said.

But there is one thing that is a pet peeve of Carey's.

"The only thing I don't like is when dudes pick me up and spin me around. People jump on me, that's fine, everything's fine," Carey said with a laugh.