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"The Notebook" turns 10: Watch Rachel McAdams' audition tape

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams were relatively unknown before they were cast in Nick Cassavetes' adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' love story "The Notebook."

Now, the film is turning 10 years old -- it arrived in theaters on June 25, 2004 -- and the chemistry between the two as lovers Allie and Noah helped launched them to superstardom and even sparked an off-screen romance.

And so, on the film's decade anniversary, we're turning our attention to the duo and their auditions for those now-famous roles. An audition tape for McAdams shows her delivering lines from the scene where Allie tells Noah she's returning to her fiance (Gosling can be heard reading his lines off-camera).

There's also this featurette about the casting for "The Notebook" and capturing Gosling and McAdams' chemistry.

"We tested 10 actresses with Ryan -- nine of them very well-known," Cassavetes recalls in the video. "But when Ms. McAdams came in and read, it was apparent that she was the one."

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